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Knock knock, who’s there?

Miguel Zafra

Managing Director

Entrepreneurial mentality: 200%. He has been making websites since he was 10 years old, just because he wanted to make his dreams come true. A lover of music, travel, and internet-related projects. Obsessed with usability and user experience. He has been working between design, development, and project manager areas. Whether you have a business idea or you need to know which restaurant or band is the best in town, he is happy to help.

Alberto Reverón

Motion Graphics & Art Director

Natural-born designer and passionate about his work, Alberto is always trying out new ideas while digging for references in the worldwide art and design scene. He started his studies on Visual Communication in Caracas, and graduated with honours in Digital Design at IED Madrid. With more than 8 years’ experience he enjoys finding the best-suited visual solutions in both graphic and animated projects.

Pedro Nieves

Illustration & Animation Director

Agile with analogue tools or a digital pen, illustrations are enjoyable challenges for him. Add a great eye for giving life to static shapes and characters, and you will get a complete professional who doesn’t mind stepping outside his comfort zone to reach new horizons. Pedro studied Graphic Design and Illustration, and taught Digital Illustration techniques at IED Madrid.

Hola! Now that you know a bit more about us… Why NSUE Studio?

NSUE Studio is a design and animation team based in Madrid, Spain. Whether you are in China or Australia there’s no problem for us; our job and priority is to solve your needs and ensure your peace of mind, no matter where you are. We are used to working under pressure and accomplishing our objectives. So if you’re planning the next event on Mars, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We perfectly adapt to any kind of visual challenge: from banks, to hospitals, or the next startup taking off. We want to be your next ally helping you make your incredible ideas come to life.

We’re listening!