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That day we grabbed the cocktail shaker and mixed technology with accessibility and a pinch of Bilbao.

We took care of every detail of the printed and digital formats to create a fresh and quality branding for this congress celebrating its 6th edition.

___ client: The National Center for Accessibility Technologies (CENTAC) was born of the need to promote the development of assistive technologies in business, industrial and service areas, in order to facilitate their access and improve the quality of life for the elderly, people with disabilities, and their families. ___ project: Our goal was to adapt our representation of the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, the event venue, to every existing format in Basque and Spanish: from brochures to IDs, as well as all digital content. We managed to find the balance between design and accessibility in a visual proposal for a national-level event.

Centac brochure
Centac brochure
Centac brochure

The branding was carefully adapted to every format, finding a balance between design and accessibility.

Tomás Aparicio Branding & Creative Director

Centac credentials
Centac credentials
Centac rollup
Centac bus station
___ client: Centac