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Motion Design

FanOnFire was a personal project, born from our passion for music.

As a project created in parallel by other professionals in the Haus Of NSUE, we took over the visual direction of this project from the very beginning.

___ client: FanOnFire was the first flat-rate pass for cultural activities in Madrid. Members receive new locations and events every day. Hundreds of monthly events get filled by users through the exclusive guest list. ___ project: Together the branding, web interface, and communication exude a simple, warm, and colorful image. Inspired by the namesake fire, it has varied throughout the different stages of the project until now.

Rozalén logo
FanOnFire logo
FanOnFire band
FanOnFire cards
FanOnFire rollup
FanOnFire posters
FanOnFire blue poster detail
FanOnFire red poster detail

The concept of this project has evolved over time, and the branding has matured with it.

Miguel Zafra Project Manager

FanOnFire video detail
FanOnFire video detail
FanOnFire video detail
___ client: FanOnFire