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Jvel – Cuatro días sin dormir Videoclip

Lights, camera, and lots of motion graphics.

We can’t live without music, and as audiovisual lovers nothing was more appealing than working with a composer and producer about to launch his new single.

___ client: Dance and electronic pop music takes form with Jvel, a Canarian singer, composer, and producer of his own songs. His dedication paid off in 2011 when he was discovered by producer Carlos Jean, who collaborated with him to produce the 4th song of the album “El Plan B”, named Keep the Trance. It peaked at number 1 on Itunes in June, 2011. ___ project: We always wanted to work on a music video and with almost no time and limited resources, this was practically an exercise of getting the best from a catchy pop song. Four days without sleeping, captured in black & white photography, enhanced with colourful lights, dots and lines. Several modules and scenes were animated frame by frame, and we used a postproduction software to create patterns and repetitions.

LesGaiCineMad video detail
LesGaiCineMad video detail

We wanted to get the best from a catchy pop song with almost no time and limited resources.

Alberto Reverón Motion Graphics & Art Director

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