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A film festival that we are proud to support.

The organization of the festival asked us to volunteer creating the bumpers for the Madrid LGBT Film festival, and we couldn’t say no.

___ client: LesGaiCineMad is Madrid’s most important LGBT film festival among Spanish-speaking countries, by audience, range and number of films. It was founded with the intention of giving visibility to this collective, and has continued this effort over 20 editions. ___ project: We worked on the bumpers two years in a row, from the illustration to the animation. In 2013 we wanted to show a different approach through classic movie genres. In 2014 we started with that year’s branding, giving life to the posters that Mónica Vigo created for this edition.

LesGaiCineMad video detail
LesGaiCineMad video detail

We participated two years in a row, creating bumpers that would go well with each year’s theme.

Alberto Reverón Motion Graphics & Art Director

LesGaiCineMad video detail
LesGaiCineMad video detail
___ client: Les Gai Cine Mad