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Macaco “Valientes” Lyric Video

From a movie clip to a lyric video.

Macaco created a “movie clip” for his new album Back to the Jungle of the first single “Valientes”. That was our starting point.

___ client: Sony Music Entertainment España is a music publishing company based in Madrid, operating as a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. Macaco is the king of the fusion of styles mixing rumba, reggae, dub and guitar riffs with a Mediterranean flavor. ___ project: For this video we wanted to create text compositions and animations based on the graphic style of Tarantino’s films. We used movie clip material (by Blur Films) and other discarded material to create a new montage that could serve as a teaser for the movie clip.

Macaco Detail
Macaco Detail
___ client: Sony Music
___ category: Motion Graphics