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Macaco – Valientes Lyric Video

Brave footage for a braver lyric video.

A bold movie trailer like lyric video was made for Macaco, including scenes of Valientes music video as well as discarded footage.

___ client: Sony Music Entertainment España is a music publishing company based in Madrid, operating as a subsidiary of Sony Music Enterttqainment. Macaco is the king of the fusion of styles mixing rumba, reggae, dub and guitar riffs with a Mediterranean flavor. ___ project: For Macaco’s latest single we baked a lyric video using footage mixed with big typography compositions and animations using a blod red color to get a glimpse to Tarantino films, that could work as a trailer for the music video. The fantastic footage was created by Blur Films).

Macaco Detail
Macaco Detail
___ client: Sony Music
___ category: Motion Graphics