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Feathers and randomness.

Melendi is considered one of the best singer-songwriters of Spain. His specialties are rock, flamenco, and rumba styles. Ahora is the ninth studio album launched in 2018.

___ client: Sony Music Entertainment España is a music publishing company based in Madrid, operating as a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. ___ project: We created the cover of the single “Aves de Paso” and used techniques of generative art to animate it. The client wanted a pair of wings in the cover so we gave it a twist using different feathers to create a colorful floating wings. We gave their own life to these Chimera-like wings by the use of tools that allowed us to incorporate randomness, letting chance decide the position and rotation of the feathers to obtain a smooth natural floating-like movement, letting spontaneity create a piece of code art.

Melendi Detail
Melendi Detail

When animating we used tools that allowed us to incorporate randomness, creating a piece of code art

Alberto Reverón Art Director

Aves de Paso
Aves de Paso
___ client: Sony Music