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Miguel Romea Web

He wanted something striking for his website, and we took him seriously.

We did not miss a beat in taking care of the design and development of this responsive,
custom-made website for the Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of Verum Symphony Orchestra.

___ client: Born in Madrid, Miguel Romea studied clarinet and direction in Madrid, Rotterdam and Salzburg. He is the Chief Conductor of Verum Symphony Orchestra and has been Chief Conductor of the Extremadura Youth Orchestra. He boosts his international career signing with orchestras in Canada and USA. ___ project: Visual appeal, elegance, the musical stave, and sober colors were what we had in mind before starting to sketch this website that the client wanted to be outstanding. We wanted the user to feel like they were reading an interactive graphic design brochure, like a theatre programme, so we took special care in the details. We placed elements randomly on a regular grid to get a sense of dynamism; dotted patterns that represented each section as well as video and subtle movements, using the potential of the digital medium in this fully-responsive layout and working with its limitations – it needed to look beautiful on both computers and mobile devices.


We wanted the user to feel like they were reading a theatre programme.

Pedro Nieves Animator & Illustrator

Romea Web
Romea Web
Romea Web
Romea Web
Romea Web
Romea Web
___ client: Miguel Romea
___ category: Web/App