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Let’s talk about construction and its isometric ways.

A corporate video and brochure were made to promote this engineering firm at the Future Arena of the Barcelona Building Construmat with 10 other amazing construction startups.

___ client: SAALG Geomechanics is an engineering firm specialized in advanced numerical solutions, numerical models calibrations, and soil & rock parameters characterization by backanalysis. The main goal of SAALG Geomechanics is to build a bridge between academic research in the field of geomechanics and the industry; building the engineering of today and tomorrow. ___ project: We were asked to explain the client’s solutions to a concrete problem in the geotechnical area in a visual and simple way, so we used a language as recognizable in construction as the isometric view. We put 3D elements in a 2D environment following and enhancing the firm’s established branding.

SAALG video detail
SAALG video detail

Isometric view and 3D elements in a 2D environment were used following the firm’s branding.

Miguel Zafra Project Manager

FanOnFire video detail
FanOnFire blue poster detail
FanOnFire red poster detail
___ client: SAALG Geomechanics