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5020 Studio

Sony Music

Sony opened 5020 Studio in Madrid, and we were tasked with the adaptation of their original branding from the Miami studio. We modified the logo and created a brand that reflects their new concept.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics


We created a narrative through posters that showcase the brand image.

Social Media

This project involved creating many graphic formats, including digital and social media-related content.

Boing Pitch Rebrand


Our team was tasked with rebranding Boing with a fresh, international look.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

We created Strings, Idents, bumpers, and other branding pieces that utilized hashtags, icons, emoticons, and avatars to create a fun, social-media inspired language.

We wanted to highlight Boing's motto "Everything is possible in Boing's world" by incorporating the channel's signature ball bounce to trigger changes between 2D and 3D elements.


Antón Gómez-Escolar

Together with Anton and Buddy, we're demystifying narcotics through relatable branding and clear communication. Talking openly, learning objectively, and empowering each other with knowledge for a safer future.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics


From engaging animations to insightful infographics, our visual aids enhance understanding and promote informed discussions.

Social Media

The project has gained more than 130,000 followers in a single year.



We developed the complete brand for the first-ever flat-rate pass for cultural activities in Madrid.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Web Design/Dev

This project involved creating a plethora of graphic formats to effectively promote both the brand and its events.

We adapted this vibrant brand to a wide range of elements, from business cards and roll-ups to web and app design and development.



With a clean and elegant approach, we developed the entire branding strategy, encompassing both communication design and website development.

Logo Design, Graphic Design, Packaging, Web Design/Dev

We meticulously designed a series of typographic symbols to distinguish each product range. Every detail was carefully considered to elevate the product and achieve a luxurious finish that resonates with the end-user, all while staying within the production budget.

We developed various assets for offline communication, such as posters, brochures, and bags, to enrich the overall customer experience.

Music & Pizza


‘Music & Pizza’ is a concert experience to enjoy together with a small group of attendees, the music of established artists in a unique location of Berlin.

Branding, Motion Graphics

Various overlapping geometric shapes serve as distinctive symbols that represent diversity, creating an inclusive environment where artists and attendees can connect.

By utilizing white, we bring focus to the artists and facilitate clear communication amidst the chatter of social media and the urban environment.

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