Phil Chatbot

Accor Hotels

Phil was brought to life through character animation to showcase the features of Accor Hotels' new Facebook Messenger chatbot.

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New Brand


We created this explainer video to showcase Erudit's new brand, highlighting the use of their color palette, typography, and graphic elements.

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What is FanOnFire?


FanOnFire was an intelligent event calendar designed for music enthusiasts, with a high level of website complexity and user interaction customization that needed to be simplified.

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Several promotional materials were created for various aspects of the project, such as the flat-rate pass for live shows.

The Future of Mobility

Goggo Network

Goggo Network aims to create a legal and engineering framework for autonomous vehicles in Europe. Our team helped them produce an explainer video that highlights the current limitations of mobility and how an Autonomous Mobility Network can overcome them. The video features a blend of 2D and 3D elements that not only educate the audience but also entertain them.

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Corporate Whiteboard


The objective of this video was to familiarize company employees with various company policies in a relatable and engaging manner. Such videos can serve as effective tools for educational purposes, whether it is to showcase a new software or product to consumers or provide chapter summaries for educational textbooks.

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TV Spot


We created a motion graphics TV advertisement for Jobandtalent to introduce their new app. The advertisement was also utilized across several social media channels.

Social Media

Conversation Commerce


Our explainer video for Joinedapp combines screen recordings of the app with motion graphics elements to visually demonstrate the functionalities of this San Francisco-based company.

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We produced a social media piece to showcase the new Copernicus model for the Oddity brand. Using 2D designs, we modeled, textured, and lit the product to create a realistic render.

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Biocombustibles Avanzados


Infographics make complex information more understandable, but animated infographics take it to the next level of excitement. Our collaboration with Repsol has resulted in various projects, ranging from internal communication videos to educational and informative content such as this series on non-renewable resources.

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What is Reveni?


Reveni aims to simplify customers' return process for online purchases. Our team helped them communicate their service and mission in a simple and clear way.

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SAALG Solution

SAALG Geomechanics

In this project, our task was to visually and simply communicate our client's solutions to geotechnical problems in construction. To achieve this, we utilized the widely recognizable isometric view and combined 3D and 2D elements, all while staying true to the firm's established branding.

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Chroni Callbot


Vozitel is a company that aims to improve communication between contact centers and their customers using their AI tool called Callbots. In this explanatory video, we introduce Chroni, the Callbot focused on appointment management.

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We created an explainer video for an app that harnesses the wave of solidarity to assist those in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

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